About Metro

Metro Property Preservation LLC is a property management company based and located in Broadlands, Virginia, with a group of experts dealing with all property management-related issues. Our experts have had prolonged use cases of solving the US clients’ home and property issues even before the rise of this very idea and concept of helping the community as a whole through our corporation. Our team has helped hundreds of clients individually yet collectively in sorting their properties’ rental issues, eviction, restoration, and renovation.


Now, Metro Property LLC wants to take this one step further to harness each of our experts’ skillsets and decades of situational-based-error solving abilities to help our clients get their properties promptly managed and preserved with great care and utmost seriousness. Each of our clients’ investments is real and hard-incomed that they have put forth to us. Therefore, our ethics and ethos tell us how we want to make super use of their investment to take care of their assets just like ours throughout the cities.


Currently, we are serving in Virginia mainly while at discretion in some parts of New York, but sooner, we are contemplating expanding our service to help each and every property investor. We have already worked for some of the country’s finest and major national mortgage and property management companies. Although we have kept our operation limited all these times, that spans our commitment and involvement in providing the most sublime services in a timely manner to our beloved clients. All these are possible with our extensive networking and association with class A contractors and vendors across the US.